Does the US Constitution survive an extinction level event?

Well, does it?

New link, Therearenosunglasses: CDC Fact Sheet On Use Of Potassium Iodide Treatment for Radiation Exposure.

Kansas lunges ahead in Nutwatch race:

Topeka — A legislator said Monday it might be a good idea to control illegal immigration the way the feral hog population has been controlled: with gunmen shooting from helicopters.
Mr. Heidelberger provides evidence of red state failure. You da human.

Who in Helena didn't get the memo from US Attorney General Eric Holder when he was in town recently?

Federal agents with guns drawn raided a medicinal marijuana greenhouse on Highway 12 and one of the co-owners of Montana Cannabis says he was not given a reason why about 1,700 plants were taken Monday.
Newsletter of the Montana Medical Growers Association.

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