Colorado wildfire may be linked to UFO

From NPR's the Two-Way:
"Three red lights in a triangle ... spotted hovering in the sky" over Lafayette, Colo., on Monday have folks there talking about aliens and UFOs, Boulder's Daily Camera says. Joe Valadez, 47, also posted a video to YouTube of the lights in the sky. Some of the commenters on Valadez's video were skeptical. One user, Lonnie Sexton, 33, wrote: "I want proof as bad as the next guy, but these are just hot air candle balloons folks."
The cause of the Indian Gulch Fire remains under investigation. Maybe they should look here:

March 25, 2011

Heavy initial attack activity continued in the southern states. Thirteen new large fires were reported. Seven large fires were contained. Weather: Fire potential continues across eastern New Mexico, west Texas and eastern Colorado due to high wind speeds on Friday.

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