Capitalism: predators and trophic cascades

So, about the management of apex predators: why is cougar and wolf slaughter the only answer to curbing marauding livestock killers while Monsanto, Koch Industries, et al. are allowed free range? Coyotes are mesopredators yet Citibank is too big to fail. Think, trophic cascades as applied to economics: if the free market is such a cool deal, why aren’t cougars and wolves protected instead of assassinated?

Here is a study where intervention in the predominance of one predator changed an entire ecosystem.  Here is an example of Republican predatory health care predominance.

Diane Rehm hosts NPR's national security god, Tom Gjelten, and others in a discussion on Libya.

A federal grand jury in Tucson indicted Jared Loughner in an action that supercedes his previous indictment.  KGUN, great call sign for a TV station, huh?  Arizona Public Media's KUAZ reports that US District Judge Larry Alan Burns ruled that the autopsies of the shooting victims will be available to the public.  His arraignment is scheduled for March 9 in Tucson and is to be tried in San Diego.  ip scooped NPR by a full hour; h/t to Ken Blanchard for making me look.

Rehberg Dennyquivocates Senator Tester's leadership.

Here is the link to the interview that hipneck suggested. Christian de Duve:
Speaking as a biologist, I think women are less aggressive than men, and they play a larger role in the early education of the young and helping them overcome their genetic heirloom.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been getting the run-around in his efforts to see WikiLeaks whistle-blower, Bradley Manning.

4&20 Blackbirds posted this horrifying glimpse of Americana:

Juan Williams praises NPR and public broadcasting on WOSU where he calls Glenn Beck a "rodeo clown."

David Brooks: Tim Pawlenty ahead by process of elimination affirming everything ip already knows.  Holy Shit, I'm on a roll!

South Dakota-based "Indian and White Guy" to perform amidst UND "Fighting Sioux" battle.

Eco-patriot Tim DeChristopher on his conviction of "disrupting" BLM auction:


freegan said...

Very nice couple of articles Larry, although I think BOTH parties are wrong. It is a constant tug of war and one must never give up their view. By the way I fit into no particular party, I don't think they would except me anyway.

freegan said...

Larry, this is a great article from tvnewslies.com Biology Nobelist: Natural selection will destroy us.

Thad Wasson said...

Citibank didn't fail, they sold their bad paper to the U.S. taxpayers.