Sunday, October 10, 2010

Polls infer ip insanity

Only one person of the seven voting in two recent ip polls thinks that I am not completely nuts. . . (the photo comes from Google, he's got way more hair on his head). That seems about right, eh?

This is my 100th post to interested party. The stats reveal that this post about Bozeman gets far more traffic than any other with 147 pageviews out of nearly 4800 since January. While Blogger sends the most inbound traffic, South Dakota War College is close behind. Thank you, Pat, and to all your little malonyms, too. Not too surprisingly, a bunch of you come from the Rapid City Journal, The Decorum Forum and Madville Times. Most referrals come from my profile at Blogger. 4122 come from the US, the rest come from nine other countries.

Thank you to all that join in the insanity.


Thad Wasson said...

100 on 101010. Very interesting.

larry kurtz said...

Wow Thad! It didn't even cross my mind. Good eye!