Monday, October 4, 2010

Hogan gets it

Dennis McDonald has been a generous visitor to Jefferson County and to the Basin Community Hall at least twice; his platform reflects Montana's frustration with its collapsed forests.

At a recent get-together in Boulder, Sheila Hogan, the Democratic District 77 House candidate energized those in attendance by reminding the group of the importance of her solidarity with Montana's rich history of extractive industries in brilliant contrast to her lackluster, poorly-informed Republican opponent. She extolled the abilities of Montanans to focus on reclamation by taking full advantage of record metals prices, one of the planks in Dennis McDonald's platform and stressed the importance of education, education, education by touting record enrollments in Montana universities as looking forward instead of bullying the legislature with the tired same-old-same-old doom-and-gloom gnashed by Republicans.

Thank you, Dennis and Sheila for being the voices of optimism!

Democrats=safe food, safe water, safe shelter, safe sex.
Republicans=cheap food, cheap water, cheap shelter, cheap sex.


EcoRover said...

Larry, thank you for helping get the word out about Dennis McDonald (and other good candidates). Time to get rid of do-nothing Rehberg.

PS: thanks for the mushroom ids! They were all going in predominantly lodgepole forest with some doug fir & aspen.

larry kurtz said...

ER, great to have you come by. ip has been jamming the Montana Standard, IR, Missoulian, and the Gazette.

Where are you on the wolf?

Jill Cohenour was at our Demo Dinner in Boulder, too. Wow, what breaths of fresh air these women are!