Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Noem's bad behavior well known to other legislators

Phone calls to several South Dakota legislators have revealed a pattern of seemingly inappropriate choices made by House member, Kristi Noem.

From the inbox:

"Have you all looked into the federal subsidies Noem’s crop insurance business receives? The USDA just finished renegotiating the SRA in June (Standard Reinsurance Agreement-dictates crop insurance agreement between the Federal Government and private crop insurance companies) and the cuts, which bring down the overall cost of the program by 6 billion, were not well received by the crop insurance industry .

Since Noem owns an insurance agency that provides crop insurance, it’s likely she receives subsidies for the
Administration and Operation, I wonder if she supports this $6 billion in cuts since it’s helping to reign in government spending and was passed as part of a bipartisan Farm Bill to make it revenue neutral, a farm bill that overcame a presidential veto.

Looks like there’s also a
cap on commissions paid to crop insurance agents like Noem included in the agreement. Since it’s taxpayer money subsidizing crop insurance, does Noem agree with the cap on the commission she receives that’s taxpayer funded?"

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