Sunday, October 31, 2010

Poll nails it

50-50. Surprise anybody?

This is where the rubber meets the road. Half of the country is up to its tits, calls itself christian, and is willing to rape its own mother. Half of the country wants to preserve a better Earth for the next generation.

The read is simple: The people calling themselves conservatives want to squander resources with reckless abandon. Self-identifying liberals want to save it. Crazy, and it played out right here at ip.


kw said...

like so many of the reactionary polsters out there, I feel you may be totally misreading your results again. Are all polls so misleading?

larry kurtz said...

More leading than misleading, Kim.

The term, "thought leader" popped up the other day. Remember the "Iconoclast" in the Collegian? Like that.

Sitting tonight with Herb at his ranch on the rimrock above the Belle Fourche River looking at Devil's Tower to the north, the Bear Lodge to the east, Inyan Kara and Keyhole Reservoir to the south. A stiff breeze spins the wind generator.

About a month ago, Herb watched four cougars rolling around in his driveway for an hour, then as they strolled away, single-file.

Good to hear from you.