Montana Cowgirl Blog goes viral!

A favorite contributor to Montana politics posted a hilarious pair of photos hoisting a Republican office-holder on his own petard. Montana Cowgirl, known only by pseudonym, is based in Helena and operates a mean Mac using Montana's free capital-based WiFi network. Some members (2?) of the LGBT community have objected to the tone of the blog post; the others are laughing their asses off with the rest of us.

Matt Gouras of the Associated Press has graciously provided Montana Cowgirl with one of the greatest achievements that a blogger can earn, a story in the mainstream media:

The Montana Cowgirl blog launched its own Web site last summer after the Left In The West blog decided the strictly anonymous relationship was no longer working out.
Hey, Badlands Blue Liberal! You getting this?


Montana Cowgirl said...

Hey, Thanks for the post and the link! I am definitely enjoying the doubled traffic. Love your blog and the neighborly chat.

larry kurtz said...

Omg, a celebrity at ip! I'm all gushy.

Keep 'em watching where they sit, Cowgirl!