Shantel Krebs back in the news

Peckerville native, Shantel Swedlund, now Krebs, was Miss South Dakota 1997 and competed in the 1998 Miss America Pageant.

Until 2007 Krebs' husband was an anchor for KSFY teevee where he was witness to Republican now-Governor Kristi Noem's extramarital dalliances and to the affair his co-anchor Nancy Naeve was having with Republican South Dakota Senator John Thune. In her 2010 phone interview with interested party Krebs said KELO teevee buried the stories replete with first person accounts of public intimate contact between Noem and her paramour

Krebs hated Noem, an amateur now-turned professional catwalk contestant, supported Chris Nelson in 2010 and gleefully gave up names of people to call who also knew about Noem’s infidelities. 

Mitch Krebs went on to work for Republican Governor Mike Rounds.

Neal Tapio told an interested party via Facebook Messenger that he was urged by the chair of the South Dakota Republican Party to get into the 2018 US House primary to siphon votes from then-Secretary of State Krebs so Dusty Johnson had smooth sailing to the nomination. After Krebs lost and was driven from South Dakota politics she was elected Chair of the Miss America Organization Board of Directors in 2019 and is now CEO. The Pageant experienced its own #MeToo scandal in late 2017 forcing several executives to resign. 

Mrs. Noem has never supported the Violence Against Women Act and if her abusers were Democrats she'd be singing like a cardinal. Anyone who believes she's never been a victim of sexual harassment or unwanted touching is delusional.

In its 100th year, the iconic spectacle will air entirely on NBC’s Peacock streaming platform in December.
“We look forward to entering the streaming world with Peacock this year to help introduce our 51 outstanding individuals to a younger, broader audience and showcase their unique personal stories,” Shantel Krebs, a former Miss South Dakota and current chief executive of the Miss America organization, said in a statement. The event, which started as a beachside beauty pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1921, awards millions of dollars in college scholarships to its winners. ['Miss America' pageant moves from mainstream TV to streaming]
Kristi Noem is a MILF. She has since been fingered for a fling with Trump henchman, Corey Lewandowski. Is she compliant, infidelitous, simply jaded or all the above?

Krebs' brother, Shurald Swedlund, a member of Jehovah's Witnesses, lived in Spearditch where in the 90s and early 2000s an interested party did much of the work on some of his properties.

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