Hate group representing South Dakota pedophilia cult in anti-vax lawsuit

Joe Biden or not the Roman Catholic Church believes their pederastic officiants can transubstantiate bread and wine into the body and blood of a Jew who has been dead for some 2000 years then offer that to a Mass. How is that even normal? 

Despite urging from the primate of the Church of of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers to get inoculated during a pandemic a Sioux Falls, South Dakota school district with ties to the sect has joined a lawsuit against the Biden administration's vaccine or testing/masking mandate. Representing the Diocese of Sioux Falls pro bono is the Alliance Defending Freedom, identified as a hate group in 2016 by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

In Sioux Falls cleric Don DeGrood replaced Paul Swain to lord over some of the slush fund that buys silence from Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg and South Dakota's depraved legislature.
The lawsuit was filed by the school district, rather than the diocese itself, since it's the only entity in the diocese with 100 or more employees, the FAQ says. The school board made its decision "under the pastoral leadership" of Bishop Donald DeGrood, Board President Kyle Groos said in a letter to parents and employees. [Bill Janklow's idea of public radio]
In South Dakota at least thirty two members of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers have been credibly accused of preying on children and vulnerable adults but don't expect Joe Boever's killer, incel and former altar boy Ravnsborg to take on both South Dakota Dioceses

Marcin Garbacz had been bleeding the beast, though. When it was the bishopric of Bob Gruss, Garbacz liberated at least $260,000 from the Rapid City Diocese. A former South Dakota priest who is already in prison, Garbacz has now pleaded guilty to a sex charge after he secretly shot videos of a teenage boy in the shower.

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