Howard blowing her chance to make a difference

Led in part by Rapid City legislator Taffy Howard there is a mass exodus underway from the center of the South Dakota Republican Party but the news is now just surfacing in the local media. 

She has announced she is spending time and money by running in the Republican US House primary where she will be trounced by the incumbent. Two term Republican US Representative Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson has shown himself to be a moderate while wearing his heart on his sleeve and often brings home just a little too much pork for the tastes of the Howard wing. 

This development does put Zionist mob boss and SDGOP Chair Dan Lederman in a box. Does he use up some of the cash they have in abundance to buy off the Trump wing or will Lederman step aside for someone from the extreme white wing? Saudi-funded Lederman paid firebrand Gordon Howie a five figure sum to abandon his third party insurgency. Now the chasm separating the establishment Republicans from the principled conservatives in South Dakota is widening even more. 

Ideological purists loathe Lederman because sleaze and crime built his business. He spent $50,000 to buy a seat in South Dakota's corrupt legislature flaunting the same class by throwing it away resigning after the 2015 session then forcing his way into the chair of South Dakota's earth hater party and challenging Trump darling Governor Kristi Noem to become a Republican elector. 

Recall longtime Republican stalwarts like Phil Jensen, Charlie Hoffman, Betty Olson, Florence Thompson and at least fifteen others threw up their hands in desperation with first term Rep. Johnson and backed Elizabeth Marty May in the Republican US House primary in 2020.

In South Dakota an unaffiliated candidate needs 3,393 signatures (1% of the total vote for governor in 2018 - 339,214) to get on the general election ballot. Howard could have made a real difference by siphoning votes from Johnson giving the Democrat a chance in 2022.
State Rep. Howard is currently Vice Chair of the House Appropriations Committee in the South Dakota Statehouse, and is also a member of the Joint Committee on Appropriations as well as the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. According to her campaign website, Howard received a B.S. in mathematics from SDSU, was commissioned as an Air Force officer through the AFROTC program at SDSU, and earned her jump wings at the US Army Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA. She and her husband Mark were both stationed at Ellsworth AFB and have made their home in Rapid City for 28 years. [KNBN teevee]
A Democrat has yet to announce but with some luck another principled conservative will get on the general election ballot while Taffy Howard makes Johnson burn off some of his funding stack.

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