Noem's powerlessness exposed

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is holding the South Dakota Republican Party for ransom.

Think about it. If Governor Kristi Noem had any power whatsoever killer and incel Ravnsborg would be in jail. 

There is certainly no doubt in my mind Jason Ravnsborg is a sociopath so he must have dirt on every Republican in South Dakota and the Governor’s Office of Risk Management will simply settle with Joe Boever’s family out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. Making Mr. Boever a martyr is just the latest horror in Pierre’s culture of corruption on parade.

Now, Kristi’s even bellering at the US Park Service to allow pyrotechnics at Mount Rushmore National Memorial over the advice of experts. Noem is flailing over stuff she can’t control while the tribal nations trapped in the failed red state exercise their sovereignty. Only two of nine tribes have said they will attend Noem’s so-called "Governor's Round Dance" in Pierre.
Chief Judge Roberto Lange of the federal district court of South Dakota hasn't ruled on whether the tribe can join the suit. He indicated that he'll decide by June 2 whether to issue a preliminary injunction to force the Park Service to allow the fireworks this summer. The governor's daughter, who worked as a federal liaison for her mother for last July's event, said in a court filing that the governor's office had invited tribal leaders to provide their perspective on it. [Associated Press]
As the SDGOP caves on immigration after Noem said she won’t accept migrants workers in South Dakota could make real social justice change by walking off their jobs, then calling for a general strike and tourism boycott to bring Kristi to her knees. 

Learn more about Noem's powerlessness at KELO teevee.

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