Wind River tribes next to test cannabis sovereignty

Two tribal nations in New York state are advancing their cannabis initiatives as are the Eastern Cherokee in North Carolina. Despite Montana Republicans messing with the wills of voters the Apsáalooke Nation will wean itself from coal and move forward on building its cannabis industry.

Industrial cannabis (hemp) in Wyoming has entered its second season so as revenues from oil and gas collapse two tribal nations landlocked in deep red Wyoming will test their cannabis sovereignty. The Northern Arapaho Tribe voted last week in favor of decriminalization and the Eastern Shoshone General Council has just passed a binding resolution to operate tribal-owned cultivation and extraction facilities for cannabis-based products.
To change the Law and Order Code on the Reservation, both tribes must be in agreement. Northern Arapaho Business Council Chairman Jordan Dresser told a Wind River Radio Network Audience Thursday that the vote is the first step in a long process that he said could take some time. “It really made me feel good that we reached a quorum of 150 members on a cold and windy Saturday,” he said. [Wind River Radio]
Learn more at Wyoming Public Radio and at the Casper Star-Tribune.

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