Montana legalization campaign spending $2.3 million to reach voters

In June the Montana Democratic Party endorsed legal cannabis for all adults so the campaign to legalize has had little opposition. Now New Approach Montana and its allied advocates intend to spend some $2.3 million to imprint the state's two initiatives in voters' minds.  
Federal Communications Commission filings show the ads will appear across weekday programming, day and night. Viewers of local news broadcasts, Family Feud, Judge Judy, Ellen and This Is Us will all get to know New Approach Montana's pro-marijuana messaging beginning Oct. 13 — a few days after ballots are mailed. The campaign has so far raised more than $4.7 million. [Helena Independent Record]
Democratic Governor Steve Bullock is running for the US Senate in Montana. “'Gov. Bullock believes the criminalization of marijuana has ruined the lives of too many Americans and cost taxpayers too much money imprisoning non-violent offenders, and supports legalization and taxation of marijuana with appropriate regulations to prevent abuse,' his campaign told USA Today. ‘The governor will work to remove barriers at the federal level that conflict with states’ decisions to have medical marijuana or legalize it outright.’”

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