Taxpayers continue to pour money down mass destruction rat hole

Let me just say at the beginning of this post that it's been refreshingly quiet without the drone of aircraft traffic here in the approach for the Santa Fe Regional Airport.

The Trump Organization plans to spend at least half a billion taxpayer dollars on each new B-21 bomber and some $1.4 TRILLION on a proposed Defense Department budget instead of really making America great again. Republicans are whining about the poor condition of the obsolete B-2 and most B-1B Lancers some of which are stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in occupied South Dakota. Why? Because the Republican government shutdown and the 2013 sequester to embarrass President Barack Obama ripped into military readiness. EAFB was an alternative emergency landing site for the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Space Transportation System or Space Shuttle.

Trump wants to put the B-21 in red states to avoid confrontations with Democratic governors and if the system for weapons of mass destruction survives the Powder River Training Complex over parts of four states will continue to threaten habitat and wildlife, not to mention skeptical Republicans in ranch country. Meanwhile, deteriorating B-1B Lancers are eating up the resources needed to fight a virus outbreak in the homeland and the seventy year old B-52 continues to rain death on civilians in war torn countries on stages in the usual theaters of war. Instead of rattling impossibly expensive sabers Trump should be accelerating the cleanup of the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contaminating nearly every military base in the United States and in the other countries subjected to American imperialism.

Combat Raider exercises over the Powder River Training Complex are suspended because of the poor condition of B-1 bombers stationed at Ellsworth. The B-21 'Raider' isn't expected to be delivered until maybe 2030.
An environmental impact study looking toward the roll out of the B-21 bomber is putting aspects of Dyess Air Force Base here and Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota under the microscope, despite coronavirus-related setbacks. A series of scoping meetings required by the National Environmental Policy Act to help define the main operating base of the new B-21 bomber were scuttled because of concerns about public gatherings. [Environmental study of Dyess, Ellsworth Air Force Bases looks toward B-21 arrival]
With red state politicians salivating over the bones being tossed to them the Air Force is mulling the "elements of B-21 Main Operating Base 1 (MOB 1) 'bed down.'" Read that here.

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