PRTC expansion would intersect with Bakken air traffic

Flights have been added to serve the ecocide taking place in the Bakken oil fields in the news for killing a record number of non-union workers. Small airports are concerned that a proposed increase in military traffic could be even deadlier.
The Powder River Training Complex is a 28,000-square-mile training area for B-1B Lancer and B-52 Stratofortress bombers, which fly out of Ellsworth and Minot Air Force bases in South and North Dakota. The Air Force would like to use the area 244 days a year, 44.5 hours a week for bomber training, plus the occasional aerial war games with other military aircraft. Ranchers and private pilots in Montana and the Dakotas have been outspoken in opposing PRTC. There are 33 small airports in the flight area, sacred tribal lands and the Little Bighorn battlefield. At their lowest, the bombers would fly at 500 feet. The Air Force is also requesting that pilots be allowed to fly faster than the speed of sound, something presently not allowed over land anywhere in the U.S. [Tom Lutey, Billings Gazette]
The earth haters running for the US Senate in South Dakota were presented a question about cuts to the military at a forum last night hosted by Bill Janklow's idea of public broadcasting: Ellsworth never came up.

It would seem that the only people interested in expanding Ellsworth's mission are those who hate big government.


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Larry,

This is Lynn from Madville.

One group that I've always liked for 25 plus years is the Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass Colorado. http://www.rmi.org/Home Amory Lovins was a nuclear physicist and is against Nuclear Energy and especially our reliance on fossil fuels. They cover so many bases regarding the use of renewable energy with minimal government help as it relates to not only the environment but also national security.

I tried to get Amory Lovins to come speak when I was attending college here in South Dakota years ago but it just didn't work out with his schedule. Still I'd urge anyone to check RMI out.

larry kurtz said...

Awesome resource, Lynn: thanks!