Trump visit to occupied South Dakota increasingly in question

Recall that during President Barack Obama's first term pyrotechnics were banned at Mount Rushmore National Memorial because of repeated wildfire starts during red flag conditions and residual chemicals leaching into groundwater supplies. Now the Trump Organization is threatening the French and Battle Creek watersheds again.
Gov. Kristi Noem announced in May 2019 that South Dakota and the U.S. Department of the Interior would be working together to return fireworks to the monument on July 4, 2020, and her press secretary said on Wednesday that Noem would attend the July 4 event to which Trump is invited. [Rapid City Journal]
Anyone who believes a single word coming out of the Trump White House is delusional and Trump is certifiably unwell but remember christians believed Barack Obama would bring the Second Coming then Herr Trump would deliver them from it. The good news? Trump is a career criminal stumbling pell-mell into madness and very easily could be thrown out of office before July.
The stress of seeing customer traffic dry up is taking its toll on business owners like Sandi McLain, who operates the Big Thunder Gold Mine in Keystone. After a down year last year due to poor weather, McLain and others were gearing up for a great summer. They expected a bounceback from the possible return of fireworks to Mount Rushmore and the Carrie Ingalls 150th birthday party planned for July, and from big crowds expected at the 80th Sturgis motorcycle rally in August.
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Important to remember these are mostly Republican-owned businesses destined for Trump Organization bailouts so why worry now?

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