Judge: forced catheterization is unconstitutional

In South Dakota it's more likely the macho, booze-soaked legislature will legalize prostitution before it will reform cannabis laws. Policing for Profit has allowed the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to provide military armaments for the law enforcement industry throughout the state even as suspected incel Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg pleads for more resources for his minions. Republican-glutted states like South Dakota are the drunkest, kill the most kids, are the most obese and most addicted to opioids and meth.

South Dakota has the most draconian cannabis laws in the US and until now the law enforcement industry could even force catheters into urethras to test possession by ingestion.
In a sharp rebuke to the practice, Chief Judge Roberto Lange of the U.S. Federal Court for the District of South Dakota said that the process of involuntary catheterization is a violation of the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from unreasonable police searches and seizures. Lange declined to dismiss the case brought by six individuals who sued the cities of Pierre, Wagner and Sisseton, as well as various law enforcement officers who oversaw forced catheterizations. The lawsuit followed a 2017 Argus Leader investigation into the practice, which found that even children had been subject to forced catheterization.
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