Sunday, March 31, 2019

Tweaker of Red Rock Road still behind bars

I tried to run him off the mesa at least four times after numerous run-ins while he squatted in the double wide on Red Rock Road but to no avail...until now. Thanks to neighbors Lori and Riendo who called the deputy after they saw that white pickup. During the big snow storm he had taken another blue Toyota off the road and afterwards went down a steep two-track, stuck it in the arroyo and broke in to another neighbor's place on Baja Waldo Road.
For years, it seems, Edward Laird roamed around the country — from the Southwest to New England, Oregon to Florida — brazenly breaking into homes and stealing valuables. He made headlines nationwide a decade ago, when he was accused of nabbing what was purported to be a valuable van Gogh sketch from a Santa Fe home. Until, that is, Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies caught up with him earlier this month at what they say was a vacant home on rural Red Rock Road. Laird still refused to get up and show his hands, the statement said, so a deputy stunned him with a Taser and placed him in handcuffs. [Menace of Madrid finally caught?]
Meth head, nutcase, tweaker - it was all too obvious. One day he came up to the casita and a cat jumped out of the piece of shit pickup he was driving and ran into the desert never to be seen again.


larry kurtz said...


"Taking into account his history of failing to appear for court dates, a judge ruled in July that Laird would remain in jail to await charges in five cases pending against him. He was released to an Albuquerque halfway house in October at the request of his public defender, but arrested again Tuesday after prosecutors filed a motion to revoke his release, saying he failed to report to the halfway house when ordered to do so and his GPS monitor placed him in the vicinity of Bisbee Court on Nov. 21 the same day a van was stolen from the area.

Detectives say Laird was subsequently spotted driving a white van in Red Rock Road area, according to the motion to revoke, and the van was later recovered in Albuquerque a block away from where GPS coordinates placed Laird at the time.

On Friday, the court set an evidentiary hearing for Dec. 17 at which the evidence that Laird violated the conditions of release by failing to report and becoming a suspect in a new crime will be examined." Santa Fe New Mexican

Anonymous said...

This filthy dirty freak has been living on our property on and off for nearly seven full years-- in our casita as well as in our animal barn. He's broken into both the main house and our casita numerous times causing tremendous damage and running up our gas and electric bills (especially in winter months). No matter how many times we changed the locks on all our doors and enhanced our security system (surveillance cameras, too) he managed to get around 'em all and get in. SFCSO deputies always said the same thing, "Well, we don't see any footprints or any signs of 'forced entry'-- and they simply wrote us off as nuts, as crazy people just fabricating stories for the hell of it (possibly thinking WE were the criminals).

Laird has broken in while we'be been out/away, as well as when we've been home (while we're all asleep and when we're awake but busy). He steals only small little insignificant items (men's boots, sunglasses, men's handbags, a turquoise ring, a hat, etc) even when valuables have been left out in very plain sight. He drank our booze and even stole several of our hens-- one time he took a hen only to return it 2 full months later along with 18 rotted eggs. He's nuts!

We think this guy may also have been the culprit of numerous SWAT calls on our home/property (track phone?). SFCSO is so disorganized, unprofessional and inexperienced it's ridiculous. They've claimed (all this time) that we were the ONLY homeowners in the area having any problems like this. CLEARLY, they've had many, many continuous ongoing reports of crap like this in our area. They had an obligation to inform us of that, not to lie, to tell us what they knew, as It was almost nightly for us and drove us out of our minds! I think this Laird guy got his kicks making absolute fools of SFCSO deputies and detectives.

Even AFTER Laird was apprehended and arrested/incarcerated SFCSO has never once contacted us nor told us of the/his arrest. We had to read it in the paper! And even then they would not return our calls or emails asking for answers as to WHY they ignored our numerous reports then never even notified us of his arrest and prosecution. Egg on their faces, I suppose-- but good God, talk about Santa Fe sloth!!

larry kurtz said...

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