Anti-Native bias hitting Rapid City hockey team, taxpayers hard

I was in Philip the day of the Challenger explosion in 1986 because I drove out there from Deadwood twice a week for two years and got to know the town all too well.

Recently, the hamlet has been home to Trace O'Connell who spilled beer on a group of American Horse School students during a Rapid City Rush hockey game.
Matthew Reedy testified that he was part of a large group of 14 or 15 friends from Philip that traveled to Rapid City on January 24 to attend the hockey game in a luxury box leased by Eagle Sales of Rapid City and given over for the game to Don Carley who owns the steakhouse in Philip and is an Eagle Sales customer. When asked by defense counsel Michael Butler if O'Connell had been drinking he replied, "Yeah. He was. Everybody was drinking up there." He said he saw O'Connell raise his arms and wave them over his head like he was roping, demonstrating from the stand a rodeo cowboy's motion. It was this waving that caused beer to spill from his can of Bud Light, according to Reedy. [KCCR]
I called on Don Carley at his grocery and on the couple who were leasing his dad's steakhouse in the late 80s. He's an arrogant asshole just like the rest of those stupid yachos from Philip are.
While Carley isn't sure what to expect from the pipeline construction, he has his sights set on making some extra money at The Steakhouse, a sit-down restaurant and full bar he runs in downtown Philip. Carley doesn't open the restaurant on Sundays, but he may reconsider that approach once the pipeline crews move in. "You'll always have people who want to go have some drinks and a good meal," he said. "Or if they want to watch a football game or baseball game, where else are they going to do that?" [Big hopes, big worries surround Keystone XL pipeline plan]
Wall Drug was part of my territory in those days, too. I sold them a thousand cases of french fries one year and a hundred cases of beef roasts in another. Longtime donors to the state's Republican Party Wall Drug's Hustead family brought catholic clergy to the Wall area who then abused and exploited American Indian children.

Remember Rapid City businesses shat all over themselves trying to extinguish the wildfire of anger over entrenched racism as organizers of the Lakota Nation Invitational sought alternative locations for the annual event. Sioux Falls, Bismarck and Spearfish were considered.
This terrible incident angered the Lakota people so badly that this anger has never registered with the owners of the Rush or with the City Council of Rapid City. It angered them so badly that nearly all of them ceased coming to the Rush hockey games. “Sagging attendance?” Come on Rapid City wake up. The attendance sagged because the good people of the Indian reservations were completely turned off by the rude and racist treatment their children had received at a Rush hockey game. There has never been a public apology issued to them by either the Rush owners or the City. [Tim Giago: Apology owed for racist treatment of Native youth]
During testimony a teacher from the school said she felt beer hit her, too.
Team management told Rushmore Plaza Civic Center officials Tuesday that the Rapid City Rush will not need any cash assistance for November after leaning on the Civic Center for help in October. Civic Center Officials say the money they are paying to the team is money the center makes off the team and that keeping the Rush in town makes good business sense. They say that helping the team through some lean times will pay off for the taxpayers in the long run. [KEVN teevee]
The Bad River country in Haakon County is pretty awesome and home to several millennia of non-European humans with bison habitat expanding into the horizon.

Attorneys for the Trump Organization will stop at nothing to erase Barack Obama's legacy including accelerating the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a warming climate and an eventual American Indian rebellion to protect treaty lands.

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