Colorado county will dismiss thousands of cannabis convictions

About 4000 people convicted in Boulder County, Colorado of various cannabis offenses before that state legalized for all adults in 2012 will have their cases dismissed and sealed.
Shawn Coleman, a Boulder-based consultant to the marijuana industry, said the state legislature passed a law last year that allows people to apply to have marijuana cases sealed, but applauded Boulder County DA Michael Dougherty for taking a proactive approach. Coleman said he hopes other Colorado offices follow suit, and said he imagines the state legislature will also look at making the process easier and making sure people know about their options. [Boulder Daily Camera]
North Dakota's failed poorly-written Amendment 3 that would have legalized for all adults also included language that would have forced the expungement of the records for some cannabis convictions yet in its repressive, nanny state neighbor to the south if you're even suspected of ingesting cannabis police will force a catheter into your urethra.

In South Dakota where it's more likely the macho, booze-soaked legislature will legalize prostitution before it will reform cannabis laws Policing for Profit has allowed the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to provide military armaments for the law enforcement industry throughout the state even as lame duck Attorney General Marty Jackley pleads for more resources for his minions.

States with the most alcohol-impaired driving deaths are Montana, South Carolina, North Dakota, Alabama, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming. Republican-glutted states are the drunkest, kill the most kids, are the most obese and most addicted to opioids.
South Dakota Supreme Court Justice David Gilbertson, speaking at the Mitchell Rotary Club's meeting at the Ramada Inn, said the cost savings and reduced recidivism rates among targeted offenders has allowed the the state's system to continue working. Gilbertson noted there are 450 individuals in the state's drug and alcohol court programs, and 1,244 children under their parents' care. Instead of the state Department of Social Services providing for those children because their parents are in jail — at the estimated cost of $10,000 per year — those children are cared for by their working parents, who are also working to address their drug or alcohol addictions. [Mitchell Daily Republic]
Gilbertson is South Dakota's ranking Democrat.

At their state convention the SDGOP adopted a platform that punishes people seeking relief from intractable pain and suffering so Attorney General-elect, suspected incel Jason Ravnsborg, wants to build more prisons to warehouse meth addicts and the mentally ill because Corrections Department Secretary Denny Kaemingk says South Dakota's jails and prisons are full, the numbers continue to rise, the population "hit a new benchmark" and are especially evident in the women’s prison.

That South Dakota Republicans prop up illegal drug use and project an ethics black hole while ignoring a potential revenue source is just more evidence of red state collapse.

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