Rounds playing a conservative to raise cash, fly to Pierre

Mike can't fly home.
Unfortunately, regional airline service in Huron, Watertown, Aberdeen and Pierre have struggled in recent years. Delays, canceled flights and fewer flight options have made it more difficult for residents to fly in and out of these communities. My amendment seeks to increase the qualified pilot pool for regional airlines by creating new state-of-the art, FAA-certified safety courses that would count toward minimum pilot flight hour requirements. [chippy staffer Natalie Krings writing as Senator Mike Rounds]
Pierre is undergoing another experiment with subsidized air service.
The system in Washington D.C. is broken, South Dakota U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, R, told a hometown crowd Tuesday in Pierre. Rounds said he didn’t have good answer to the problem. “I wish I had a better answer,” Rounds said.
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Pierre’s essential air service most likely will not get better anytime soon. That’s according to South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds. Rounds says the air service problem in Pierre, was actually caused by Congress. Rounds says he is frustrated with Pierre’s air service just as much as anyone else. Rounds adds that hopefully, there will be some act of congress that will eliminate the minimum amount of flying hours for pilots and alleviate some of that pain of airlines, especially the smaller ones like Pierre’s. [KCCR Radio]
Recall that the TEApublican former governor squandered Amtrak money on an airplane for his personal use now Pierre continues to suffer Essential Air Service woes and low boarding numbers even while the legislature is in session.
Recent concerns of poor service and late or canceled flights from Great Lakes Airlines have prompted Pierre officials to try and find a different air carrier as of lately. Pierre’s bid to get another airline firm, Aerodynamics Inc., to provide flights in and out of the capitol is not going to happen.
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Rounds and Krings recently appeared on Facebook Live acknowledging that they are part of the dysfunction in DC.

Recall that Rounds pledged to raise $9 million to run for Senate but is still struggling to erase his campaign debts. White supremacists like Mike see Donald Trump as their last hope.

While Rounds was governor the Department of Social Services seized hundreds of American Indian children and placed them in subsidized foster homes. Activists are reversing those attempts at genocide.

According to a source close to the Rounds family South Dakota's functionally illiterate junior senator is lamenting his time living inside the Beltway.

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