Montana thwarts cannabis repeal as South Dakota resists compassion

Update, 0945 MDT: a Republican judge has denied the petition for a vote on therapeutic cannabis this November.


In 2004 Montana voters passed an initiated law legalizing therapeutic cannabis and its red state legislature gutted the statute in 2011.

The office of Democratic Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch has completed the count of a ballot initiative to repeal the state medical marijuana program. A county tally released on Aug. 2 put I-176 at 20,038 verified signatures lacking the 24,175 necessary.
A competing initiative, I-182, qualified in July for the fall ballot with more than 27,000 signatures. The measure would remove new restrictions on the medical marijuana program, including a limit of three patients per provider and a review of doctors who recommend more than 25 patients. [Billings Gazette]
In contrast, New Approach South Dakota is in Pierre today suing Republican SOS Shantel Krebs to place legal access to therapeutic cannabis on that state's ballot. Krebs recently dispatched one of her fellow reptiles with a firearm.

Even if cannabis is legalized by South Dakota voters the state's heartless legislature is expected to eviscerate the initiative because Big Pharma and Big Booze subsidize SDGOP campaigns. Industry leaders say SD felony charges against consultants are a "troubling development" even as the Sturgis Rally maims and kills bikers with reckless disregard for human life.

Montana recently reduced fees for patients with green cards.

Yesterday on Argus Leader Media's 100 Eyes webcast the panel excoriated South Dakota's Republican-glutted legislature for lack of access to documents saying other red states like Montana are far more transparent.

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