Gillette vying to become asshole of Wyoming

Gillette, Wyoming is a scary place. It's where ecocide is encouraged and Black Hills Energy releases mercury from coal burning power plants into South Dakota's watersheds.
A planned anti-Islam rally in Gillette has some residents concerned. The event, advertised on Facebook as a Wyoming Against Islam rally, is set for Saturday at Cam-Plex Park. The group plans to burn the faith’s holy book, the Quran, at the event. Jon Roan, an electrician for a local coal mine, said he is organizing the event with his wife and another man. [Casper Star-Trib]
These white supremacists are simply creating a wedge issue to raise money for personal gain.
Bret Colvin says [he] founded the “Stop Islam in Gillette” Facebook group for one reason. “I don’t want Jihadis in my neighborhood.” Colvin is a Catholic, and an ex-Marine. Aftab Khan is one of Gillette’s few Muslims. “I was born in Sheridan,” says Aftab Khan. “I lived in Worland for a while. I attended the University of Wyoming. And now I’ve been in Gillette for sixteen years. You can’t ask for more of a Wyomingite than me—I’ve lived my whole life here. And the same is true for much of family.”
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While Missoula, Montana is embracing refugees from America's War on Islam Wyoming is the only state refusing to accept the victims of empire.
Among the refugees who many are urging we shut the door on include Yazidis, Muslims and Christians who are being attacked and killed because they do not share terrorist ideology or support violent extremism. It is unfortunate politicians seek to exploit this tragic situation for political advantage. To turn our backs on men, women and children fleeing persecution from any part of the world would be a repudiation of all that America has stood for. [LTE, Brian A. Liesinger, Executive Director, Heart Mountain, Wyoming Foundation]
"Why Donald Trump should visit Heart Mountain, Wyoming:" Billings Gazette.

Catholicism is hope like syphilis is charity.

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