"Jackboots Jackley missing out on real crime"

Jonathan Ellis of Argus Leader Media apparently submitted his blog post to his editor as "Jackboots Jackley missing out on real crime" but that is not the headline.
He’s defended a Medievalesque law that allows law enforcement to forcefully catheterize suspects. You know, holding people down and sticking tubes up their whatchabadinks just to prove they’ve used drugs. Because, apparently, waiting for somebody to relieve himself isn’t as expedient. [Ellis, As violent crime surges across S.D., Jackley pursues pot growers]
Run your browser's cursor over the link. Too funny.

SDGOP‬ hack Pat Powers is on full tilt after Ellis exposesd Jackley as a partisan Trumpoid psychopath. Selective enforcement is a hallmark of South Dakota's Republican attorney general. Marty Jackley routinely settles lawsuits as attorney general with his own campaign contributors.

Be careful, Ellis. Anyone who believes Marty Jackley and his accomplices aren't capable of treachery has forgotten Heather Plunkett.

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