Schumer: Senate Dems can sustain Obama KXL veto

Update: The White House has confirmed that President Obama will veto KXL if bill gets to his desk.

As the Keystone XL pipeline looms as a GOP Waterloo Democratic leadership is confident that President Obama's likely veto can be sustained.
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced on CBS’s Face The Nation that Senate Democrats have enough votes to sustain the widely expected veto that President Obama will issue after Republicans pass a bill authorizing the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Republicans are going to try to spin this veto as the president being against job creation, but enough Senate Democrats will stand with the president to sustain his veto. Republicans better get used to it, because they don’t have enough votes to pass anything on their own. Congressional Democrats and President Obama are going to present a unified front against Republicans giving Big Oil the gift of Keystone XL. [Jason Easley]
Pipelines moving diluted bitumen and Bakken crude are creating jobs in the sex trade: anathemas to any perceived success created by Big Energy.

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