Proposed prairie pipelines pumping pimps

While prices slide, Charlie Hoffman likes the idea of condemning South Dakota land so a Canadian company can sell refined tar sands bitumen to China and Bakken crude can create jobs - for pimps.

As earth haters like don Juan Thune, Tike Mike Rounds and Krusti Noem plot how to jam the Keystone XL pipeline up America's armpit girls as young as ten are for sale in the Bakken.
Over the past six months, Forum News Service has investigated an emerging issue in the Bakken oilfield region of western North Dakota: sex trafficking, including the trafficking of children. We reviewed hundreds of documents and conducted more than 100 interviews with law enforcement officers, victim service providers, victims rescued from the sex trade and experts who have examined the issue regionally, nationally and internationally. In the past year, federal and state courts in North Dakota have charged seven people with offenses related to sex trafficking or felony facilitating or promoting prostitution. The cases involve allegations in Bismarck, Minot, Williston and Dickinson, including the case of one man who pleaded guilty to enticing women to travel to the “fracking areas” to work as prostitutes and two accused of operating brothels in Oil Patch cities. [Billings Gazette]
At least one South Dakota Republican calls it the "fed's war on energy" when it's really Big Energy's war not just on the Earth but on women and girls, too.


Duffer said...

Any idea where the "payoff" for these pukes is on this deal?

Temporary construction jobs. A few ops/maint jobs over the life of the project. Modest job expansion at refineries in Texas. The mineral isn't ours. The final product will be shipped world-wide. Prices are plunging without it. Canadians will not allow it.

Why do Thune, Noem, and Rounds support this? Who's paying them?

larry kurtz said...

The Kochs own the lion's share of tar sands leases: these pukes get money from the Brothers Grim and ALEC.