SDGOP hypocrisy unmasked

After denying the latitude to Tom Daschle Republicans want to give John Thune legal cover to run for president or vice president while also running for Senate in 2016.
In 2002, state lawmakers passed three laws that barred candidates from running for president or vice president while also running for another office. One of the three laws applied to primary elections. Why? At the time, then Sen. Tom Daschle was weighing a possible run for president in 2004. Daschle's Senate seat was also up in 2004, and the Republican-controlled Legislature was trying to ice Daschle out: He could run for the Democratic nomination for president, or he could run for a fourth Senate term. But he couldn't do both. [Jonathan Ellis]
From Bob Mercer:
The irony was that Republicans really didn’t have anyone of top caliber willing to take on Daschle in 2004, until Thune became available because of his loss in 2002. Thus ended in 2004 the South Dakota political career of Tom Daschle, the most powerful Democrat in the state’s history. [Rapid City Journal]
Thune continues to be dogged by a scandal involving donor Dan Nelson. Read Kevin Woster's piece on Thune linked here.

Much to Republican chagrin Americans are spending fuel cost savings on ObamaCare.

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