Johnson mum on petition scandals: whither Anna Mae, Bendagate?

US Attorney for the District of South Dakota Brendan Johnson had apparently determined that the odds of successfully completing an investigation into the murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash were low enough to close the case pending new information. One prosecutor left his job in 2012 feeling that he was “this close" to solving it. JR LaPlante, the inaugural Secretary of Tribal Relations, is leaving a post under the current South Dakota governor to take a job as a prosecutor for Johnson.

Political indictments are often held off until after elections sez David Montgomery. A representative from Johnson's office said he couldn't discuss the Bendagate scandal or even confirm whether there is a federal investigation though it is known that several agencies are probing the bowels of Pierre.

Johnson, a 1998 USD graduate, is scheduled to give the keynote commencement address at the University of South Dakota May 10. He was nominated by President Barack Obama.

So, is Bendagate politics or a crime? And do the feds have the same compunction waiting to indict politicians?

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