Red states hoping eagle shits highway funding

South Dakota and Wyoming are hoping We the People forget they are red states for a few days:
The federal government’s highway trust fund will run out of highway money this summer, putting road and bridge projects into financial uncertainty, South Dakota Transportation Secretary Darin Bergquist said Thursday. For the 2015 state fiscal year that begins July 1, the state Department of Transportation is budgeted to receive nearly $381 million of federal funding, including $347 million for construction. [Bob Mercer, Aberdeen American News]
Laura Hancock tells readers of the Casper Star-Trib:
Highway department chiefs across the country, including John Cox, of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, are rooting for Congress to reauthorize a large highway funding bill by Sept. 30. The bill has provided Wyoming $240 million a year for highway construction, Cox said. It’s closer to $300 million a year when you consider Map-21 funds for other programs, such as construction money for cities and counties. “The benefit for the state (departments of transportation) across the country is (a reauthorized act) would give us some predictable funding from which to plan,” Cox said. [Hancock, WYDOT hopes Congress transportation bill gets in express lane]

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