Linda Daugaard's foster care industry conflict of interest

Here is yet one more reason why Democrats and Native Americans should vote in midterm elections.

In a state where American Indian children are abducted by the Daugaard administration, the wife of South Dakota's governor is pimping for an industry that is a defendant in at least one lawsuit:
The first lady founded the Foster One program one year ago hoping to give all children the chance to live and grow up in a safe environment. Right now there are 173 children in foster care in the Black Hills area, and 699 in the state of South Dakota. "We have the Dept. of Social Services that can call them, or they call go to our website FosterOneSD.org and find information out there and find out what their interest level is that they have to answer their questions and talk about the requirements to become a foster parent." [Thomas Patrick, KNBN teevee]
Chase Iron Eyes:
There is a profound and fundamental cultural bias in South Dakota. There is mistrust and hatred against the Native people in South Dakota, passed down through generations of prejudice, bigotry, and misunderstanding. This culture enables the slow genocide that South Dakota continues to inflict upon its own population. Lakota kids disappear at alarming rates from their tribes and families in South Dakota. Just 13% of the child population in South Dakota is Native American, and yet they make up 54% of the children housed in state foster care. [S.D. Foster Facilities are the New Indian Boarding Schools, Daily Kos]

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