Elk viewing at Slippery Ann in CM Russell Nat. Wildlife Refuge

The name has been bastardized from Cyprian to Siparyann to Slippery Ann Creek. It has become a safe refuge where elk gather as they leave summer grazing in the upper Missouri River Basin and migrate downstream to escape the winter. Managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the area is at the extreme west beginning of the Fort Peck Reservoir.

Once, we counted a hundred wapiti in the meadow while another hundred browsed and bugled concealed by the cottonwood and willow stands on the riverbanks. The waxing gibbous moon extended our viewing time well beyond twilight and long after the line of humans in cars and trucks on the road below us had dispersed. Then, coyotes harmonized in a chorus that continued until dawn. Spring flooding sustained stands of grass that still hid calves and cows while they lazed about. Unfortunately, no camera images of the herd were clear enough to post.

President Obama: protect this resource then expand it into the entire upper Missouri Basin by connecting public, private, and tribal lands. Then dismantle the main stem dams in favor of geothermal energy.

Rewild the West.

The Black Hills Pioneer catches up to the slag glacier. Nice story, btw.

my appearance at the site of the slag pile collapse chased these turkeys from pecking at “pretty much a pile of glass" that has fallen onto the roadway as well as into the waterway

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