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From Good Health:
Here's how it works: Pronto's packaging doubles as an applicator. Users just need to hold the package level over the penis, crack it in half, slip it on, and discard the applicator in one quick motion.
Wow, as if men need faster sex....

From my inbox:

[F]unding for public health programs, including the affordable care act’s prevention and public health fund, is in jeopardy. The climate in Washington is very difficult and nothing can be taken for granted. The federal government is operating on a continuing resolution until November 18th and congressional leaders have indicated that they would like to have FY2012 appropriations completed by that date. 
We are all very busy serving our communities but if we do not let our Congressional delegation know the importance of federal funding to the Montana public health system, there could be very few of us left in the system to serve our communities. In preparation for the call, below are some of the key provisions/eliminations in the health and human services funding bills in the both the Senate and the House. 
The Senate bill: 
 * Eliminates the Preventive Health Block Grant * Eliminates Advanced Practice Centers for Preparedness  * Moves Healthy Homes at CDC to HRSA with no dedicated funding  * Cuts the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant by $50 million  * Provides new funding for Community Transformation Grants without eligibility for local/state health departments.   
The draft House bill:  * Provides $100 million for the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant  * Rescinds all funding for the Affordable Care Act which totals more than $8.6 billion, including a rescission of $1 billion authorized for the Prevention and Public Health Fund in FY2012 * Restores the ban on federal funding for syringe access programs  * Bans federal funding for Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its affiliates and clinics  * Cuts CDC by $863 million from FY2011  * Cuts Public Health and Preventive Medicine Training Programs by $26 million from FY2011. This would deeply cut Public Health Training Centers.  * Eliminates the Title X Family Planning Program

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