Sunday, January 9, 2011

Geothermal mining to be discussed at sustainability conference in Helena

Geothermal mining will be one topic discussed at a sustainability conference scheduled for 6:30PM Monday at Carroll College. 

From the Helena IR:

During the fall semester, a group of Cornell (NY) students were divided into teams that focused on eight components of a successful sustainable community — urban design, business and economic development, food production, green buildings, renewable energies, waste management, transportation, and water management, said Cornell Professor Norman Scott, one of three faculty members slated to come to town for the discussion. In addition to Scott, who has conducted extensive bioengineering and sustainable development research, Professors Jefferson Tester, an expert in geothermal energy and “green” chemical synthesis, and Kifle Gebremedhin, who has focused on agricultural and biological engineering, will be present for the discussion. It’s work that has a Helena connection. Richard Bowen, a Washington resident, has planned for a sustainable model at a 266-acre plot of land, referred to as Aspen Trails Ranch, off York Road.

See that red blob on the map under south central South Dakota? It represents enough energy to decertify all the dams on the Missouri River in that stupid state.

UPDATE.  Video and podcast should be available soon.

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