Stace Nelson personifies red state collapse

The discussion of the sentencing of a South Dakota Penitentiary inmate to death for murdering a guard in a foiled escape attempt has taken an even uglier turn.

A South Dakota legislator, District 25 representative Stace Nelson is a conservative christian (go figure), albeit a decorated Marine, who spent a career brutalizing the people within his charge as a monolithic executor of forced compliance through intimidation.

What Rep. Nelson has done in disrespectful rants to his detractors at Madville Times and at the so-called South Dakota War College, the quasi-official mouthpiece of the South Dakota Republican Party and where this interested party has been blocked from comment, is nothing short of cyber bullying.

His anger and controlling personality are pathologies, contraindications of the power drug he uses to fog a world that doesn’t conform to his delusions. He shoves his creation superstitions down the throats of his virtual victims and crams the hose of his coerced military patriotism into any orifice that his captives leave unprotected. The glaring difference between Representative Nelson, a former military police investigator, and Eric Robert, the prison guard's murderer, is that Nelson offended legally under the auspices of the Marine Corps.

The fact that Mr. Nelson has been a CASA participant as he taints the very clients for whom he purports to advocate should frighten every social worker to the core. How a morbidly obese man, who models an unhealthy body image that often eclipses the ample shadow cast by convicted sex offender Ted Klaudt, a former GOP South Dakota legislator now serving time for his crimes, has intimate contact with rudderless young people frankly scares me beyond terror.

Nelson wasn't drafted: he solicited for and was hired to do a job and was paid for it along with associated benefits.

Unless and until the electorate stands up to Stace Nelson's brand of Republican dystopianism, We the People are doomed to endure Patriot Act after Patriot Act where freedom from tyranny dies a slow, whimpering death.

UPDATE, 11/1: Anyone who would like to copy and paste this post to the bottom of the DWC post is welcome to do so with or without any attribution to me. They don't give a shit whether you sign as anonymous.

Also: recall that interested party called Herman Cain's propensity for dalliance back in August.


Anonymous said...

From An American:
I Want to Apologize to the World

I am so sorry for the pain we have caused you...
for the pain and suffering we have caused to you,
your families, and your countries.

I am so sorry for the pain and atrocity. I am sorry for what
has been done to you, to the members of your families, and to the
once beautiful lands of the countries you live in.

I apologize to the entire world. I am truly sorry, that as an American
I do not have the power to control the behavior of our corrupt political,
corporate, banking, and military systems. I have no voice or choice
against their hideous and hurtful actions across the world.

To every person in every country who has suffered pain at the
hands of the American military, I want you to know that my heart
is in pain with you. I want you to know that I bleed with you for every
drop of blood shed by American military actions.

I am so sorry and my heart bleeds for the suffering of your children,
your wives, your husbands, your mothers and fathers,
for those wounded and for the dead.

I apologize and am so sorry for the destruction caused to
you, to your loved ones, to your homes and counties.

I know it will never be enough, I know nothing can ever
end the pain from the loss of your loved ones...
however, I still ask for your forgiveness. I apologize. I am so sorry.

Please remember, Americans are not the terrorists.
Our government are the terrorists. The banking and corporate elite
are the terrorists. Those in the military, who in their ignorance,
fight for a corrupt regime, they are the terrorists.

For myself, for all of them, for all Americans,
I ask for the forgiveness of the entire world for our actions.
I am very sorry.

Bill Dithmer said...

Larry send me some email so I can send you something.

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Bill, i deleted your email address lest you get spammed to high heaven.

larry kurtz said...

Anon: I second your emotion. Thank you for sharing.