Saturday, June 4, 2011

Been CouchSurfing?

We just hosted a family of couch surfers from Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Great folks: Mom Debra and four smart, sweet young people ranging in age from 11 to 18, two boys, two girls. Having toured through snowy Yellowstone and spending an afternoon at Lewis and Clark Caverns, their ultimate destination is Chelan, Washington.

Of course, you know ip: after Debra had had a half glass of wine, i said, "so...politics." Amid groans and howls of "noooo, Larry," from other visitors and after the goddess rolled her eyes, ip ploughed on: "Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, what do you think?"

Our very polite guest admitted she was a Democrat surrounded in Fergus Falls by white, uptight, conservative earth haters. She said that Minnesota has changed since she learned politics from her dad, a DFLer.

"Bachmann is scary and Pawlenty is too full of himself to care about the voters. Even if he is nominated, he'll fall flat on his face," she said.

ip had several more glasses recalling a Minnesota Public Radio story in May about urban professional black flight from hostile northern states to areas of the South.

Reading news from Fergus Falls revealed highs in the 90's likely with oppressive relative humidity; thunderstorms are probable. We awoke to a frosty 27 degrees, had breakfast, and bade them a fond safe trip.

These were our second surfers, a woman from Colorado was our first.

Check it out!

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