Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fort Peck increasing releases; more t-storms

It rained all night in Basin increasing the roar of the already bank-filled creek to full throat awaking this blogger at 4 AM. The Boulder River is a frothing chocolate water storm adding volume to the Jefferson River rising to roadway level at their confluence near I-90 just above Cardwell. The morels are fruiting but it's too wet to go out to pick.

Yellowstone Public Radio tells listeners that the Army Corps of Engineers is moving up their scheduled releases from the Fort Peck Reservoir to relieve additional inflow from the Musselshell River system. Billings experienced severe storms and funnel clouds last evening swelling the Yellowstone River to new crests. The Fort Peck Indian Reservation then Bismarck will bear much of the next series of downstream miseries.

Two Corps spokespersons from the Omaha office fielded questions yesterday on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio where the Corps' answer to a question from a loyal listener affirmed state governors' input to the Master Manual.


Guy Gregory said...

I like your commentary, so keep it up! As for the flooding poll, no one is to blame. The Missouri River, like the rest of the Earth was created by God and can not be tamed by man forever. Although the dams were put in place this year proves that when Mother Nature wants to have her way there is nothing we can do about it. This event, along with many of the other natural disastors remind man of his mortality.

freegan said...

I agree with Guy. Everything will always revert back to nature eventually, so if we wish to survive we must observe nature and use her patterns to design by.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks fellers. Why did you leave Badlands Blue, Guy?

Guy Gregory said...

Larry, it got to be too much and was falling out of favor with blogging. I think it is more in my nature to read and respond. I appreciate the concern.