ip had sex with Bob Ellis and Bob Fischer

Yep, about a year ago while in Rapid City, ip had brief, but passionately romantic sexual encounters with both christian nationalists.

Ellis was clearly the more apprehensive of the two, but he soon loosened up after the interested parties got naked.

Fischer, on the other hand, was wild in bed and wanted ip to make love to him in ways previously never imagined. His recent essay in the Rapid City Journal surprises no one except that he has much to lose when his followers read this post.


Anonymous said...

I don't know who you think you are, but your a complete asshole.

larry kurtz said...

Actually, ip thinks she's complete asshole.

Thanks for stopping by!

JohnSD said...

One more thing. You remind me of Larry Flynt saying Jerry Falwell had sex with his mother. It was sick and unnecessary then and now. If you think reflecting hate back is somehow constructive, it isn't. It's just hate.

larry kurtz said...

John: sometimes, you've just got to throw a bomb down the hole.

JohnSD said...

No Larry, besides just being a completely wrong thing to say it's counterproductive. Let reasonable people interpret their views as extreme (and bigoted). To antagonize with outlandish remarks just erases a credible argument. Obviously I don't agree with Bob Ellis (and let's say Fischer) about almost anything but they have a right to their convictions and shouldn't be attacked in personal ways. Just stick to the issue.

larry kurtz said...

Playing poker for 30 years keeps reinforcing the maxim that men are lying, cheating bastards, John. Ellis and his acolytes are just as radicalized as ip is.

It is my intent to anger enough Democrats to the polls to demand 'safe' in response to the GOP, 'cheap.'

Cory, Bob Newland, and <a href=">Kevin Woster</a> (Ellis, too, quite honestly) have helped me to understand the power that good writing, regardless of content, has on an audience.

Believe me, I have thrown numerous bones to the hypocritheocratic jihadis, without hope.

Bear with me, John; maybe we can change the world.

larry kurtz said...

Link to Mount Blogmore.

JohnSD said...

Yeah, well it means something you chose to play with those bastards. Lie with dogs and you know what you get. Let Ellis be radical. Obvious bigots help our cause, but militant queers are ammunition for their bigotry (not that I'm not angry mind you). They have no idea the unfairness of their judgments, but the people that really know us are the best way to change things, one mind at a time.

larry kurtz said...

Agreed, but drawing fire has been ip's whole point when interested party was created as a commenter in the online RCJ about 2004.

It probably goes back to SDSU in the early '70s, The Collegian ran a column called, "The Iconoclast," written by Tom Hinkley (Woster says, Tim, but I think he's wrong. Tim had the underground radio show in the heyday of KESD). He and Woster's sister, Mary Alice Haug, sparked that rebel tinder that had been building since the Kent State Massacre.

Fast forward to Gore v. Bush and, POOF! Here we are.

Thanks for coming by.

Join us at The Decorum Forum: Sanborn just threw a very large grenade!

larry kurtz said...

This is an update of sorts: KW recently reminded ip that Greg Klinkel was the author of The Iconoclast.