Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mary Black Bonnet writing from Lakota perspective

From Life as a Human:

Mary Black Bonnet is an enrolled member of the Sicangu (Rosebud) Lakota Nation (incorrectly known to the greater world as the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.) She is married to one of the most evolved husbands and they are parents to the mind blowingly awesome Turtle. They all live on a 13 acre “ranchette” that boasts sandburs, wandering wildlife, and breathtaking 360 degree views.

The majority of her writing is nonfiction and ethno-historic essays, mostly dealing with issues faced by Lakota Women. She has published poetry, and nonfiction essays. Her work can be seen in Tribal College Journal, Frontiers: a Journal of Women’s studies, Genocide of the Mind, Eating Fire Tasting Blood, Sharing Our Stories: Native women surviving Violence, Birthed From Scorched Hearts, Oregon Literary Review and Potomac Review.

As an undergraduate at the University of South Dakota, she was awarded an NCUR grant that she used to tell the story of the White Swan People, and their forced removal by the government. This research was then published and presented repeatedly in South Dakota and at the NCUR conference at the University of Utah. She was an artist-in- residence at The Montana Artists Refuge, and was named One of South Dakota’s Ten Outstanding Young South Dakotans for her contributions to literature. She collaborated on a mixed media piece titled “Indian 3.0” which was presented at the University of Montana at Billings, and can now be viewed on You Tube.

She has been a visiting writer and writer- in- residence in various schools and universities and given numerous readings of her works. She enjoys working with Youth and Women and is working on doing writing and wellness workshops for them. She is a member of the Y writer’s voice and the Oak Lake Writer’s society.

When she isn’t being an Ina (mother) to the adorable Turtle, she can be found at her website.


Mary Black Bonnet said...

soo awesome to hear from you!!
how are things! thanks for the link!!
Love your website, I will return in kind!

we hope to see you all soon! I miss MT horribly, and am trying to find a way to get back there!!

keep in touch, all our love to you and joani,
xoxox Mary, Rich and Turtle

Thad Wasson said...

First the federal government takes the Paha Sapa away from the Natives. Then we find out the state leader has isolated his own area out of the hills, maintained at the expense of the peasants.

The forced removal never stops.

larry kurtz said...

It would be fascinating to witness the secession of reservations, not from the United States, but from their respective States to form one with two Senators and a House member. Contiguity? Therein lies the rub.

All people are migratory and the Acts of Congress that impose one all-season camp on cultures that migrated out of the brutal winters of northern fucking South Dakota (also think Roma and the Fourth World) seems like a gross misappropriation of American democracy.