FOX: Fascists Oligopolizing Xenocide

From the Missoulian:

Update #1. Update #2.

For the past three years, Victor resident Marty Essen has made his living by sharing his insights on global warming as a touring speaker on college campuses. Along the way, Essen has grown increasingly frustrated over what he sees as another major source of hot air in America: Fox News.

The result of Essen's musings went live last week, when he launched
TurnOffFoxNews.com, a website aimed at encouraging others to join him in a campaign to convince business owners to choose another channel on their televisions.

"They're the ones who need to know that, in a country that recently voted a Democrat into the White House and made Democrats the majority party in the House and Senate, it's a pretty good bet that at least 50 percent of their customers don't agree with Fox News' far-right hate-mongering and don't want it forced into their faces when they're stuck in the airport or trying to enjoy breakfast," said Essen.

No shit, right?

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