WTF is wrong with Rapid City?

From the Rapid City Journal:

At the request of police, the slanted wall under the East Boulevard bridge spanning Rapid Creek and the Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway is now sculptured with rocks and rough-surfaced concrete intended to discourage people from gathering under the bridge.

"Changing the wall is an environmental alternative that will discourage people from loitering under the bridge when police are not there," [Rapid City police captain, Doug] Thrash said.

The city street department responded to the police department's request for the changes.

Think this action isn't related to the duck-feeding ban at Canyon Lake?

Rapid City spends more money chasing people away from its stupid community than it does making it a nicer place to live. If Democrats were in office, shelters would be built to invite people to more hospitable surroundings without the oppressive christian propaganda that haunts homeless people at the Cornerstone "Mission."

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