Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are US top cops in Rapid City to assess smoldering insurgency? Topiary busted (maybe)

Attorney General Eric Holder is in South Dakota to keep the smoldering cold war with aboriginals from a flash point. Mary Garrigan provided readers of the Rapid City Journal with background:
Thirty U.S. attorneys from around the country, including U.S. Attorney Brendan V. Johnson of South Dakota, will be in Rapid City to participate in the joint Native American Issues Subcommittee and the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee meeting.
The Justice Department is hosting listening sessions on reservations throughout the West. From a Washington Post story:
U.S. Department of Justice officials highlighted the efforts they’ve made in Indian Country in a call with reporters Tuesday. They said they’ve traveled to sometimes remote areas to hear from tribal leaders on how they can better collaborate to combat crime. U.S. attorneys in South Dakota, Arizona and New Mexico spoke about how their offices have trained tribal police as federal agents, recruited tribal prosecutors to assist in federal cases, helped improve technology in tribal court systems and are working to make sure that major crimes on reservations don’t go unpunished.
Looks like a town hall grand jury to me.

Wired's Threat Level:
The London Metropolitan Police on Wednesday arrested a 19-year-old Shetland Islands man who they say is “Topiary,” the most visible figure in LulzSec.
Then this from Daily Tech:
In the end it appears Scotland's "Topiary" met a similar fate as "Chippy1337" and "XYZ" -- arrested by authorities who were led down the wrong trail by the clever members of Anonymous and LulzSec.

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