Friday, July 29, 2011

Bridge building: CE 420; Corps: 2012 flooding could look like 2011

Basin Creek took out Tom and Cathy's walk bridge

A cable (unseen) kept it from going downstream

Tom looking for his ass with just one hand

Our freshly poured footer a week ago

Today, the new bridge: a salvage 43 foot mobile home frame

The track hoe lifting the frame parallel to creek bed

New bridge deck in place; it's almost two feet above 2011 flood level

From the Bismarck Tribune:
“The bottom line is that we need to get water out of the system as soon as possible,” said Brig. Gen. John McMahon, commander of the corps’ Northwestern Division. The corps’ priority is to regain flood storage capacity in its reservoirs, but McMahon said it would not lower reservoirs below their standard spring flood control levels. “We also looked at the probability of this event occurring again in 2012,” said McMahon, who called this year’s runoff a “one in 500-year event.” “As with any plan, it’s just a plan,” McMahon said.

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