Sunday, April 15, 2018

Another round of geoengineering in PRTC scheduled for May

In the name of geoengineering or albedo modification the Air Force routinely sprays into the atmosphere over the ocean and above parts of at least four states an aerosol cocktail of silver iodide, lead iodide, aluminum oxide, barium, frozen carbon dioxide, common salt, water and soot burning hazardous waste in pits concocted at US Air Force bases including those at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, South Dakota.
Combat Raider, a large force exercise involving various military aircraft, is scheduled to begin May 15 in the Powder River Training Complex, and will conclude May 17, 2018. All B-1 supersonic activities will occur above 20,000 feet Mean Sea Level and all transient fighter supersonic activity will occur above 10,000 feet Above Ground Level. Residents living under the following PRTC military operations areas may be affected by these activities.
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Ellsworth AFB is home to a Superfund site so are Malmstrom AFB, Montana; Minot AFB, North Dakota and FE Warren AFB, Wyoming. All participate during the so-called "Combat Raider" deployments in the Powder River Training Complex.

General aviation, private pilots, climate watchers, even some Republican landowners and ranchers are concerned the exercises could exacerbate drought conditions that persist in a region where dried grasses are causing early Spring fire danger.

In a related story, the Air Force is seeking to expand a training area in drought-stricken New Mexico. Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson is a former US New Mexico US Representative and President of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Mexico's therapeutic cannabis program nearing 51,000 patients

Patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and severe chronic pain have sent New Mexico's therapeutic cannabis program to nearly 51,000 enrollees.

The report comes on news that states where cannabis is available legally patients are using fewer opioids and after the Albuquerque city council voted to decriminalize possession of less than an ounce.
New Mexico Democrats adopted a party platform during last weekend’s pre-primary convention that, for the first time, supports the legalization of recreational marijuana use statewide. Specifically, the platform adopted last weekend by the Democratic Party of New Mexico – with more than 90 percent of delegates voting in favor – includes a provision that Democrats will support the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis in the state. [Albuquerque Journal]
Democrats are keenly aware that to energize millennials and a jaded base radical times call for sensible approaches to reforms of civil liberties for all adults.

The release from the New Mexico Department of Health is linked here.