Thursday, September 26, 2019

Neighbor Kosta Passes

Yesterday our neighbor and friend Kosta Becker died as a result of a motorcycle/cow collision on the Galisteo Dam Road. It's believed he perished upon contact with the ground or very soon afterward. About an hour and forty five minutes later I was first to arrive at the scene and alerted law enforcement.

Chef, world traveler, polyglot, retired surgeon, lifelong student and bon vivant he was preceded in death by his son Mario. He is survived by his wife Katharina, son Tullio, daughters Nicole and Sophia and his grandchildren. He was loved by our entire community and is already missed.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

As NMGOP falters Gov. Lujan Grisham proposes free college

Earth hating Nazis in South Dakota and Alabama are chortling that Democratic Party organizations in those states are struggling but in blue New Mexico where GOP former Governor Susana Martinez is being investigated for corruption the opposite is true.
After a midterm election in which Democrats wrested back control of the Governor’s Office and expanded their majority in the state House of Representatives, Kelly Fajardo feels almost invisible at the Roundhouse this year. Fajardo, you see, is a Republican representative in a Democrat-dominated House, where members of the GOP are now outnumbered by the largest margin in two decades. “It just feels like we don’t matter,” said Fajardo, R-Los Lunas. [‘It’s frustrating being a Republican this year’]
The New Mexico Republican Party is hurting so badly they brought in the Cheeto-dusted Führer to rouse the rabble.

Democratic leaders in the Land of Enchantment are preparing another session that is the virtual inverse of the extremist and xenophobic dreck being concocted by the earth haters in the capital of my home state of South Dakota. Just for instance, New Mexico's Democratic governor and unpaid legislators will not just legalize cannabis they are expected to pass legislation making a death with dignity legal for people with terminal illnesses and will solidify women's reproductive rights.
Free college for all New Mexicans. That’s what Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is expected to propose later this morning at a higher education summit at Central New Mexico Community College. The New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship would cover the tuition gap left after a student receives financial aid, grants and scholarships, including the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship. [Albuquerque Journal]
In a related story the University of New Mexico will offer a Spring course in cannabis communication.

New Mexico is home to Democrat Valerie Plame. Imagine any candidate in South Dakota producing a campaign spot like hers. 👇

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The indigenous resistance is far from futile

Although the term “socialist” wasn’t widely used until the nineteenth century it's of little consequence as it has existed in its purest form for nearly all of human history. Indigenous cultures lived in collectivist economies long before migrating to this hemisphere.
It’s easy to see how seafaring people might have reached Cooper’s Ferry, says Loren Davis, an archaeologist at Oregon State University in Corvallis who led the excavations. Although the site is more than 500 kilometers from the coast, the Salmon, Snake, and Columbia rivers link it to the sea. [First people in the Americas came by sea, ancient tools unearthed by Idaho river suggest]