Today's intersection: death with dignity and epidemic suicide

In 2021, despite objections from a Roman Church that preys on children and props up dictators, New Mexico's Democratic governor and unpaid legislators passed laws making a death with dignity legal for people with terminal illnesses. 

Colorado had passed similar legislation in 2016 and nearly eight hundred souls have taken advantage of the statute. Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani is a Denver physician who specializes in eating disorders like anorexia nervosa (AN).
When a patient begins talking about the possibility of not being able to survive, every effort should be made to validate such a serious perspective and to offer an individualized and thoughtful series of harm reduction strategies and treatment options that might make life bearable. However, the process of seeking alternatives to death must not be so exhaustive as to disrespect limits the patient sets; while a family might be desperate for their loved one to try an experimental treatment or “just try going to treatment one more time,” they must ultimately accept the patient’s lack of consent for these. [Gaudiani, et al.]
Since suicide by violent means has become epidemic especially in red states Massachusetts is also considering an aid in dying law. Learn more at the Boston Globe.

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