Study fingers cattle industry in devastation of water supplies

So, if domestic livestock grazing really reduces fuel loads why is extreme fire danger still a thing in ranch country?
We find irrigation of cattle-feed crops to be the greatest consumer of river water in the western United States, implicating beef and dairy consumption as the leading driver of water shortages and fish imperilment in the region. We assess opportunities for alleviating water scarcity by reducing cattle-feed production, finding that temporary, rotational fallowing of irrigated feed crops can markedly reduce water shortage risks and improve ecological sustainability. Long-term water security and river ecosystem health will ultimately require Americans to consume less beef that depends on irrigated feed crops.
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South Dakota Republicans are getting bailouts from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and welfare ranchers prone to climate change are getting handouts from the US Department of Agriculture.
The City of Dell Rapids will find out this summer whether FEMA will help pay to remove 10 flood-damaged homes along the Big Sioux River. Homeowners who want to take part in the FEMA buyout have until March 13 to apply. Dell Rapids should find out by mid-July whether the applications are approved. [KELO teevee]
If this were happening under President Obama it would be called socialism or worse.
To shore up support in farm country for his self-inflicted trade war, which has cut many growers off from lucrative export markets, President Trump has directed billions of dollars in bailout payments to thousands of agribusinesses through the Market Facilitation Program, or MFP. These year-after-year farm subsidy recipients aren’t ineligible for payments unless their adjusted gross income tops $900,000 a year – but the rule doesn’t apply if three-fourths or more of their income comes from farming. [Don Carr, AgMag]
At least one climate scientist believes the American Corn Belt will be a dust bowl by 2025.

Why is the cult of Trump so supportive of him? Because the extreme white wing of the Republican Party is willing to destroy the Earth to own the libs.

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