Bullock expected to enter Montana Senate race; whither Brendan Johnson?

This interested party met Montana Governor Steve Bullock in 2011 when he was attorney general. He isn’t a progressive by any measurement and in 2012 when Bullock was running for governor he failed to show up for the rights of same-sex couples to marry and for an initiated therapeutic cannabis law. I have been urging him to run for US Senate since 2016 but President Obama and Senator Schumer have lobbied him to get into the race, too. He has until March 9th to get into the Democratic primary.

It's been said countless times that The Last Best Place is not Oregon (even though the states show commonality in the white nationalist bloc) and elects Democrats with Blue Dog credentials. Both Senator Jon Tester and Bullock believe that with vigilant environmental oversight they would support TransCanada's tarsands enema beginning in Montana. Montana's Left has a hard-on for what it perceives as Democrats being GOP-lite who have deserted progressive ideals just to woo centrist voters.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics Bullock still has $122,762 in his federal campaign account that can be used to run for Senate.
“He would be a viable, strong candidate and has a very good shot of winning that race, so it would immediately expand the map,” said Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen, a former chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “If Steve Bullock’s in the race, it pretty clearly puts the state in play.” [Bullock reignites Democrats' hopes of Montana Senate run]
As Partner Attorney at Robins Kaplan LLP, Brendan Johnson, former US Attorney for the District of South Dakota and son of retired Democratic Senator Tim Johnson, helped the South Dakota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union win the Constitution and Libertarian Parties' lawsuit against Republican former Secretary of State Shantel Krebs.

This interested party has been lobbying Johnson to get in South Dakota's Democratic US Senate primary, too. At the end of last year Sen. Tim Johnson's Political Action Committee had just over a half million dollars in cash on hand and Brendan's kids are old enough now for him to run. The deadline for him to enter the primary is March 31st.

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larry kurtz said...

The South Dakota Democratic Party is broke and a primary will cost far more than it's worth so I am urging Brendan Johnson to enter the US Senate race in South Dakota and asking Dan Ahlers and Clara Hart to withdraw.

My statement to Clara: Ms. Hart, your courage and heart are inspiration for every woman in South Dakota so you know you can count on my support when you consider running for statehouse. Doing everything we can to save American democracy is paramount and our party is counting on all of us to support our nominee in November. Thank you for shining such a bright light on the high road. Godspeed!