Center for Biological Diversity: livestock still threaten Gila River

ip photo of cattle shitting in a sensitive watershed on the Black Hills National Forest.

The Center for Biological Diversity is threatening to sue the US Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service and its local representatives saying the agencies are allowing cattle in restricted areas along the Gila River and its tributaries in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. Investigators from the center discovered cattle on the Forest in excluded riparian zones in violation of a 1998 legal settlement.
“The Forest Service has completely abdicated its legal responsibility to protect these fragile waterways and the wildlife around them,” Brian Segee, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. “We found cows, trampled streambanks and water polluted with feces on nearly every mile of stream we surveyed. The Forest Service is failing to protect endangered animals that rely on these rivers and streams for their survival. We’re hopeful a court will force it to take immediate action.” [Albuquerque Journal]
Republican welfare ranchers are the real ecoterrorists who hate subsidies unless they benefit from them.

Antimicrobials in manure kill fungal communities necessary for healthy forests while desertification driven by agricultural practices, overgrazing, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and urban sprawl have turned much of the United States into scorched earth.

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