Monday, February 25, 2019

Just say it: Republicanism is Nazism

How frustrating it must be for principled conservatives to have establishment Republicans in the South Dakota legislature encouraging intellectual diversity on campus while ridiculing it in the statehouse.

It’s difficult to imagine a movie version of Mein Kampf that's any more terrifying than the one showing right now in Pierre during the 2019 legislative session.
The voters who put Trump in office and endorse him have gotten what they want and have reshaped the country. The United States is experiencing the kind of moral and intellectual transformation that Germany did in the 1930s. The parallels of what the Germans did to the Jews and what Americans are doing to Latinos and other immigrants are striking. We now understand that Hitler had many collaborators in Germany and in the countries he invaded that desired the Holocaust and all the persecution of minorities that were part of it. Trump has a lot of help and approval in the Nazification of America. One of his most effective henchmen is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. [excerpt, David Newquist, If you wonder how Nazis and the Holocaust happened, the American Reich is putting on a demonstration]
The United States was founded on the backs of slaves as systematic genocide became a way of life for white christians quoting scripture as they slaughtered their fellow humans. After colonizers realized enslaved American Indians had no resistance to diseases brought from the Old World, Africans were imported to do the dirty work.

In 1888 L. Frank Baum began editing the South Dakota newspaper The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer where he advocated for the extermination of American Indians.
Let’s take a close look at some of South Dakota’s more nefarious history because this part of it is synonymous with Hitler’s efforts at genocide. Think about it: He, just like Adolph Hitler, called for the genocide of a race of people. Now what is the difference to what Hitler wrote and what L. Frank Baum wrote? There is none. But then keep in mind that Hitler was just writing about Jews and Baum about Indians, totally inconsequential to the Master Race and the white settlers. [Tim Giago]
In the early twentieth century after President Theodore Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington to the White House white supremacists began erecting statuary commemorating and celebrating treason in the United States.
When West Virginia House of Delegates member Eric Porterfield, R-Mercer, called the LGBT community “the modern-day version of the Ku Klux Klan” in an interview with a Charleston Gazette-Mail reporter last week, it drew condemnation not just in the state, but nationwide. But Porterfield, in fact, joined a long legacy of right-wing evangelicals who have conflated legal protections for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people with white supremacy and domestic terrorism. [When W.Va. Delegate Compared LGBT to KKK, He Highlighted the History of Religious Right Prejudice]
After Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds Adolf Hitler cited the ensuing panic as "evidence of the decadence and corrupt condition of democracy" then modeled his final solution on the Native American Genocide. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin actually used the radio play to his advantage.
The Horten brothers were involved in the flying disc crash in New Mexico. And that is from a single source. ... There was an unusual moment where that source became very upset and told me things that were stunning that's almost impossible to believe at first read. And that is that a flying disc really did crash in New Mexico and it was transported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and then in 1951 it was transferred to Area 51, which is why the base is called Area 51. [Area 51 'Uncensored': Was It UFOs Or The USSR?]
In South Dakota Moody and Pennington Counties struggle with racism on daily and local levels. Confederate flags routinely fly in Rapid City showing support for racism in like-minded states, South Carolina and Mississippi. Many more come out during the Sturgis Rally as bikers in the Black Hills flaunting their racist bents fly the flag of slavery from their machines. Gettysburg, South Dakota remains a white supremacist stronghold.

Rosebud rapper, Frank Waln, is a survivor of the genocide visited against tribal nations. Over eight hundred people were arrested outside Standing Rock during the Dakota Excess demonstrations, 155 arrested in Ferguson and only four were arrested in Charlottesville.

South Dakota's Republican congressional delegation and legislature embrace white privilege every day.
But this process has a rather Reichstag feel to it. A governor, the head of the executive branch of government, gets to appoint whom he or she wants to the legislative branch. Get enough appointments and you’ve basically captured another branch of government that’s supposed to be a check and balance on you. The state Legislature in South Dakota already has a built in disadvantage vis-à-vis the executive. The legislature meets for about 40 days a year in the first quarter of the year. Meanwhile, the Governor and his or her administration runs state government 24/7. Like they are supposed to in a democracy, not a Reichstag. [Todd Epp]
Right to life? Not if you're non-white or noncomforming in America or South Dakota.

Republican is not just another word for earth hater; it's another word for Nazi.

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